Grasshopper Press – Vertical Cards


grasshopperpress-homeGrasshopper Press  features  the work of established and emerging artists.  These cards are beautifully printed on heavy textured FSC card stock and come with a cream colored envelope and clear sleeve.

5×6.75 inches, Set of 6 cards at $15.00

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Card Number

GDW146, GJJ238, GJJ239, GJJ186, GDW215, GKE165, GDW140, GVG169, GVG168, GDW214, GVG199, GJJ185, GJJ263, GPP277, GVG271, GDW245, GDW247, GDW242, GJJ193, GJM315, GJJ262, GTR303, GTR302, GTR305, GAA99, GPP279, GDW139, GAA118, GDW146, GDW236, GAA117, GDW246, GJM254, GPP282, GJM255, GAA307, GAA313, GDW317, GTR319, GTR320, GDW326, GDW327, GDW328, GTR329, GJJ331, GTR332, GDJ335, GDJ336, GDW316, GDW339, GDJ337, GTR340, GJJ240, GPB352, GTR341, GTR342, GJJ345, GTR344, GTR343, GDW338, GES265, GJJ360, GJJ358, GDW357, GVG354, GCW363, GVG355